Country, Culture & Communication

Country, Culture & Communication

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What can you expect in this course?

“Different countries, different customs” – many international students experience some kind of ‘culture shock’ during their first extended stay abroad. So the more you know about the country where you want to study, the faster you’ll make connections there.

In this introductory course, we want to give you some basic insights into the country and people in your new home. What image do the Germans have of their own country? What are the main challenges of German bureaucracy? What do students in Thuringia do in their leisure time? And how can you overcome not only the inevitable culture shock but also the language barrier in this new environment?

This course will help you embrace your new surroundings with joy and curiosity.

More topics coming soon!

Below you can already find two exciting course modules and we are continuously working to expand our course offerings.


“If you want to integrate yourself in the city and get to know the locals, it’s better for you to learn the language.”

Raul is from Honduras. He studies Scientific Instrumentation at the University of Applied Sciences Jena.