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Would you like to study in Germany?

This online course will help you to study successfully in the Land of Ideas.

The ideal preparation for your studies in Germany

Studying abroad is always a life-enriching experience – personally, culturally and academically.

This free “Study in Thuringia” course aims to help you quickly settle into your new university environment. You will receive practical advice about life in Germany, but you will also be prepared for the unexpected when studying at a German university. Even the organisational challenges of studying here will be mastered with the help of our course.

This is how you can successfully start your study abroad in the heart of Europe.

A joint initiative by Thuringian Universities

Voices of our international students

Yavor Minchev


“Here you have a very nice mix of urban anonymity and a familiar community that you keep bumping into.”

Moritz Haas is from Germany. After studying forestry, he began his work as a Research Assistant at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences.
Dominique Wollniok


“When you don’t know the language, you don’t have to bother coming here. Just learn a little bit. Then come and you will learn more.”

Veronica is from Ghana. She studies Pharmazie at the University of Jena.


“Germany offers high-quality study opportunities. And it's cheap to live here. The universities are public, so you don't have to pay tuition fees to study here.”

Isabella is from Columbia. She studies Wirtschaftsrecht at Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences.
Dominique Wollniok


“It's good to know that when you can come here, you'll find a nice, clean and safe place.”

Raul is from Honduras. He studies Scientific Instrumentation at the University of Applied Sciences Jena.
Dominique Wollniok


“Actually, the international world of students is very big. I have friends from all over the world here, obviously from Europe, but also from South America and Asia.”

Roc is from Spain. He studies Orchestral Conducting at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar.
Dominique Wollniok


“My advice is to learn the German language very well and then make a plan for your future. Germany is the place where you can improve your skills, promote yourself, and find your dream job.”

Koorosh is from Iran. He studies Renewable Energy Systems at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.
Dominique Wollniok


“One small advice that I can give is just to come. Everything will work out! Germany offers very good opportunities to be able to stay here, especially many funding opportunities. So my tip is to just come and make the best of it.”

Isabella is from Columbia. She studies Wirtschaftsrecht at Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences.
Dominique Wollniok


“I think it's super cheap to live in Thuringia, compared with Berlin or other cities.”

Karla is from Mexico. She studies Media and Communication Science at Technische Universität Ilmenau.
Yavor Minchev


“Thuringia as a place is huge. It has a lot of diversity. A lot of people are coming from different backgrounds and different countries.”

Sakshi is from India. She studies Public Policy at the University of Erfurt.


“Germany has many state universities, so the education is cheaper and more affordable especially for foreigners.”

Begüm is from Turkey. She studies European Urban Studies at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.