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Practical Advice

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What can you expect in this course?

Organising and executing a long-term stay abroad is always challenging.

What are the key steps to studying in Germany? How do you find affordable accommodation? What insurance and financial resources do you need to focus on your studies without worry? How do you quickly make social connections?

In this lesson, we provide practical tips and advice on how to make your studies in Germany as enjoyable as possible. Here, you will also learn who to turn to if you need support or help.

Your fully packed suitcase before traveling to Germany (Illustration: Katre Steinbrück)

More topics coming soon!

Unten findest du schon zwei spannende Kursmodule. Wir arbeiten kontinuierlich an der Erweiterung unseres Kursangebots. In Kürze folgen zwei weitere Themen: „Wohnen in Deutschland“ und „Campus-Leben und sozialer Anschluss“.

Yavor Minchev

Stephan Fischer:

“Studying abroad is not the easiest way to obtain a professional education. It’s a challenge: a different culture, a different language. It makes sense to check out everything in advance. So, take the time you need for this decision, but then get straight in with all motivation.”

Stephan Fischer is from Germany. He works as a study advisor at the International Office of Ilmenau University of Technology.