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Two young, smiling students exchange documents at the pillar entrance to the campus, entrance labelled "Universität Erfurt". Positive atmosphere.
Students of the University of Erfurt at the Campus’ main entrance (Photo: Hamish J. Appleby)
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The distances are short: the University of Erfurt is a modern campus university. Students can easily move between the library, the lecture rooms, and the halls of residence on foot. The green campus is also the hub for leisure and sports – just a stone’s throw away from Erfurt’s medieval old town.

City festivities in the centre of Erfurt (Photo: Martin Gronau)
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Facts about Erfurt

  • approx. 211,000 inhabitants
  • Capital of the federal state of Thuringia
  • Alma mater of the religious reformer Martin Luther
  • university city
  • beautiful historic city centre
Dominique Wollniok


“The most touching aspect is the multicultural atmosphere. There are offers like Café International, which runs weekly programmes allowing students to get to know people from every country and every culture.”


Shahin is from India. He studies Religious Studies at the University of Erfurt.
Students at the University of Erfurt relaxing on campus (Photo: Hamish John Appleby)
When the weather is good, classes are sometimes held outside (Photo: Jens Hauspurg)
English taught degree programs




You can find an overview of all 90 degree programmes at the University of Erfurt in the HIGHER EDUCATION COMPASS.

The main building of the University of Erfurt (Photo: Jens Hauspurg)
Dominique Wollniok


“I came here, and now it feels like home. I don't get lost in Erfurt anymore.”

Anam is from Pakistan. She studies Global Communication at the University of Erfurt.

More than ONE MILLION books and media can be found in the Campus Library as well as in the Gotha Research Library.

The library of the University of Erfurt (Photo: Thomas Müller)
Taking notes during the lecture (Photo: Jens Hauspurg)
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Erfurt is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture. One of its most famous landmarks is the medieval Krämerbrücke (Merchant's Bridge) - an inhabited and continuous built bridge with houses - the longest of its kind in all of Europe.

The University of Erfurt in the tradition of the pedagogical university (Photo: Thomas Müller)
Yavor Minchev


“Thuringia has amazing nature and many universities that offer almost unique chances and study opportunities.”

Ahmed is from Egypt. After finishing his Master Degree of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt, he got a job in Germany working in an international environment.
Yavor Minchev

Dana Kittel:

“We also have a lot of language cafés here in Erfurt, and once a month we have a get-together called Internationaler Stammtisch. Everyone who lives in Erfurt is invited, Germans and internationals alike, and you can always make new friends.”

Dana Kittel is from Germany. She coordinates the project ‘Fremde werden Freunde’ (Strangers become friends) in Erfurt.
Multicultural atmosphere (Photo: Hamish J. Appleby)
Studying across disciplines

Did you know? At the University of Erfurt, students study a two-subject bachelor's programme, i.e. with one major and one minor subject, so almost all bachelor degree programmes can be combined with each other! The STUDIMAT, is a great online tool that helps you choose and combine your major and minor fields of study.

By the way...

The University of Erfurt is simultaneously one of the oldest and youngest German universities: founded in 1379, re-established in 1994.

The picturesque surrounding countryside (Photo: Martin Gronau)
Yavor Minchev


“I decided to study at the University of Erfurt because I wanted to live in a comparatively small town and have a different sort of perspective on the lifestyle. Additionally, I really love the campus over here. So that was another reason.”

Sakshi is from India. She studies Public Policy at the University of Erfurt.
Research has gained an increasing importance in Erfurt (Photo: Marcus Glahn)
Studying in the university library (Photo: Marcus Glahn)
Alongside their studies, students here can benefit from a wide range of sports courses and training at affordable prices (Photo: Marcus Glahn)
Yavor Minchev


“I moved to Erfurt and was very happy with it because the city is really beautiful. I love Erfurt. The university is also great because our programme is quite small. You always have very good supervision, and the subject interested me very much. Yes, it's perfect the way it is.”

Helen is from Germany. She is pursuing a PhD in Allgemeiner Religionswissenschaft at the University of Erfurt.


With over 36 hectares, Erfurt's EGA Park is one of the largest garden and leisure parks in Germany. Highlights include the Japanese Garden, the Desert, Jungle and Butterfly Houses, as well as regular events. There is also a large water playground for children in the park - an ideal recreation for students with children!

Portrait of Willy Brandt from 1980 (Photo: Engelbert Reineke / CC-BY-SA 3.0)


The Willy-Brandt-School of Public Policy, named after the former German Chancellor, is a pioneering academic institution at the University of Erfurt that prepares its students with cutting-edge interdisciplinary, practice-oriented, and international perspectives for challenges in today's complex political world. It offers an English-language master's programme in public policy that prepares students for careers in public service, for example.

A unique research library

The University of Erfurt comprises of the off-campus Research Library Gotha (‘Forschungsbibliothek Gotha’), one of the most renowned research libraries in Germany. The library has a focus on history, art history, intellectual and cultural history, and subjects such as genealogy and heraldry. It owns an extensive collection of books, manuscripts, ancient maps and journals of great interest for scientific research.

Settling in from the start

The University of Erfurt has a Buddy Programme that helps new students settle in from the start: Experienced local students from the University of Erfurt - the friendly named buddies - help international students on their arrival, show them around the campus and the city, introduce them to new people and support them with questions and problems.

The Erfurt Cathedral under the night sky (Photo: Martin Gronau)
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Modern buildings at the University of Erfurt (Photo: Marcus Glahn)
At many universities in Thuringia, like here in Erfurt, the campus is a place of peace and tranquility (Photo: Jens Hauspurg)
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